Who are we

Premiasoft is a Canadian multinational computer company specializing in the development and sale of software solutions. Its head office is located in Montreal and it employs more than 80 highly qualified people in 4 continents.

Why choose Premiasoft?

Premiasoft occupies an important place in the field of IT and provides quality services to all of its customers around the world.

Premiasoft is also involved in other business sectors such as website creation, conception and design, SEO and web optimization, and advice in web strategies and web marketing.

So that you can concentrate on your business activities, Premiasoft is able to take charge of all the organizational part of your activities on the net and can also develop tailor-made IT products to maximize your development potential as well as the profitability of your business.

Composed of professionals graduated from the largest engineering and design schools and with relevant experience of several years in the field, the Premiasoft team will be able to carry out your most complex projects.

Our mission

The Premiasoft team has extensive experience in the creation of websites and in new software technologies. An experience that Premiasoft shares with its clients during the realization of each project.

The success of a website depends, in large part, on the success of its design and the experience of its designers as well as understanding the customer's needs.

Premiasoft Mission
Creativity is the basis of Premiasoft's activities. A Web project can only be designed with a good dose of creativity and innovative ideas and above all up to date!
Each website has its own identity and original character. Each website is designed according to the requirements of our customers and is perfected with the strategic advice of our designers and developers for an original website and perfect ergonomics!
Premiasoft Mission
Premiasoft's philosophy is to give maximum autonomy to its customers to manage their site!
Premiasoft offers a simple tool for managing websites. With our content management tool, updating sites is within everyone's reach!
Premiasoft Mission
Premiasoft sites are created to evolve over time. The content and structure can be easily changed and adapted over the years to ensure your investment is made for the long term!
Premiasoft offers competitive and attractive prices. The prices are adapted according to each request!
Premiasoft Mission
The Premiasoft team has solid and multiple skills in the areas of graphics, ergonomics, SEO and development.
Premiasoft has a very high adaptability and responsiveness!
Premiasoft is a dynamic web agency that is willing to take on new challenges.
Premiasoft Mission
Premiasoft is constantly looking for new solutions to adapt to web and software developments and to the specific needs of customers of all kinds.
Premiasoft distinguishes itself from other companies by the superior quality of its products which are developed according to the latest innovations in web and software so as to always be at the cutting edge of technology.
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