To go further in social networks, any company can take advantage of advertising campaigns on these platforms and benefit from tailor-made rates. This virtue which allows professionals to benefit from targeted and personalized online advertising with relevant results and statistics.

The success of your online advertising depends on a succession of essential steps from defining objectives to analyzing KPIs, not forgetting the testing of your advertising campaign.

The Premiasoft professionals responsible for managing advertising campaigns support you in the creation, launch and analysis of your advertising on social networks. True connoisseurs of social media platforms, we intervene to ensure the best possible results from your advertising campaigns.

In light of your specific business needs, our team is responsible for clearly defining the objective of your advertising campaign, which is the very first essential step before you embark on the rest of the process.

We intervene for the definition of the medium and the production of the content while strengthening your call to action.

Depending on the objectives set, we provide a set of pre-tests and post-tests of your online advertising and intervene for the definition and analysis of performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.

Engagement rate, interaction rate, number of fans / followers and number of shares are some of these performance metrics on social media.

Premiasoft offers you the complete management of your advertising campaigns on the most widespread and active social networks on the web like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

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