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Premiasoft is a Canadian company creating software and web services for businesses. Premiasoft provides quality services to all of its customers around the world. Premiasoft is more specifically specialized in software creation, website development, conception and design, SEO and web optimization as well as advice on web strategies and web marketing.

Premiasoft occupies an important place in the field of the web and the computing. So that you can concentrate on your business activities, Premiasoft is able to take charge of all the organizational part of your activities on the net and can also develop tailor-made IT products to maximize your development potential as well as the profitability of your business. Composed of professionals graduated from the largest engineering and design schools, and with relevant experience of several years in the field, the Premiasoft team will be able to carry out your most complex projects.


Premiasoft offers you a complete content management solution that will allow you to create your website with ease and autonomy: Ps CMS.

In order to offer you the possibility of increasing your online sales, Premiasoft offers you a complete and tailor-made Ecommerce solution: Ps Boutique.

Realizing the importance of blogging in your content marketing strategy, we offer you an effective blogging solution.


Premiasoft's online booking solution allows you to provide your customers with an easy-to-use online interface offering them the possibility of making appointments with ease.

Whether you want to conduct a survey from your blog, your website or others, the Premiasoft survey solution is the ideal solution that can allow you to do it.




Premiasoft offers you a CRM solution perfectly suited to the needs of your business. Rich in features, our CRM solution provides you with everything you need to collect, process and analyze information related to your customers.

Premiasoft offers you an optimal solution for the commercial management of your company. It's the right software for your business needs as well as your trade chain process regardless of the size of your business.

The invoicing management of your company is now simplified thanks to the invoicing solution from Premiasoft.


If you want to automate and simplify your in-store sales process, Premiasoft's Point of Sale solution is the solution for you.

Human ressources

Premiasoft's recruiting software gives you the opportunity to carry out your hiring processes in a simple, fast and efficient way.

Good management of human resources within the company is essential for the prosperity and sustainability of the organization.

Premiasoft offers you an optimal solution for the management of employee time and ongoing projects.

The payroll management of your company cannot take place without a reliable and efficient tool. Premiasoft's payroll software is an ideal solution to perform your payroll calculations transparently and securely.


In order to optimize the management of leave as much as possible within your company, Premiasoft offers you a solution that automates all leave and absence procedures in your organization.


Premiasoft offers you a project management solution for monitoring your project throughout its life cycle.

If you are running a retail business, an automated solution to manage your inventory is a strategic choice for your organization.

In order to improve the performance of your support service, Premiasoft provides you with a complete solution for the entire management of your support process.

Premiasoft offers a complete financial management system suitable for any type of business regardless of the industry to which it belongs.


The choice of your newsletter system is as essential as the choice of your newsletter themes.


Do you want to efficiently manage your company's vehicle fleet? Premiasoft provides you with its fleet management system adapted to your business needs in any industry.

Inventory management is undeniably a daunting task for any organization. This is how resorting to an automated solution may prove to be a better alternative for your inventory management staff.

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